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Peggie Sue Weekly Word Failure

Weekly Word Vol. 3

Weekly word vol. 3 is “failure”. Are you challenged to get a more positive outlook? Do you find it challenging to take a situation and turn your perspective more positive?

Perspective Matters

The Weekly word volumes will be dedicated to all matters perspective. Tips and tricks to challenge your perspective and improve your mindset.

One of the first steps to learning is to have a positive open mind and be curious to discover new ideas.

I invite you to listen each week and discover a whole new world. I have years of experience with keeping a positive mind and finding the positive in any situation.

Although I have been through many a challenge. They have all taught me more ways to find the silver lining.,.

Brain Training

I invite all of you to not only listen and partake each week but to offer your suggestion and experiences. We are all here to learn and become better.

I truly believe everyone in life can teach us something if we are wise enough to listen with an open mind.

With practice, it is possible to train your brain. As with any muscle you have to give it the right type of workout consistently over time.

It all starts with one and builds with small steps. Even small steps over time will produce a huge result!

Ask for help

I encourage you to ask for help with any situation you are needing help with. Either posting below for community help or contacting me directly and I will post a response in an upcoming volume.

I would love to hear from you on how you have worked to change your perspective and what words and phrases have helped you the most.

Have a blessed day, y’all.

Peggie Sue | The Midlife Dream Life Coach

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