– Self Talk Can Change Your Life –

Self-talk can change your life when you learn how to harness its true power. Every day you hear, talk nice to yourself. Be aware of what you are thinking of, at, or about yourself. This is wonderful advice for all of us.

How you choose to talk to yourself can improve your overall confidence and outlook on life. Using your inner voice to encourage is always the best choice.  What happens when you change your thoughts to not only think positive but also think creative? 

Why if you start to expand your own abilities by changing how you think? It may sound far-fetched but it is happening every day. Learning to use the power of suggestion and visualization to your advantage can change your life.

The Power of Suggestion in Self Talk

Have you ever said, “I can’t do that”? One of the most limiting statements there is. You automatically shut off all possibilities. The brain does not even try to think about it. Yes, your brain hears you. As crazy as that may sound, your subconscious mind is very powerful. Your self-talk is very powerful.

How do you change your self-talk? If you simply changed “I can’t do that” to “ I can’t do that, Yet”. Just adding that one word will open up the possibility that you can do it in the future.  This word triggers a subconscious hint to your brain that there is a way, you just have to find it.

Letting yourself have the possibility even in the future your brain will constantly be filtering for a solution. It will work to help prove you right. It does this subconsciously every day. Your job here is to give it positive goals to work for. Get out of your own way and open your possibilities.

Positivity is a Super Power

What you focus on grows so learning to focus on the positive will help it grow.  The power of positivity is energizing.  When you are focusing on the good around you it shows. You smile more and have a brighter outlook.

You also attract what you are emitting. Which intern, will itself help you filter out what you don’t want.  So, if you are a positive person and someone is looking to have a negative conversation. Chances are they will not approach you because you are not going to participate in the negative conversation to commiserate with them.

Finding the power within you to see the good around you will grow every time you use it. It will become easier as your brain realizes you are looking for confirmation that there is a good present. Your subconscious is always looking to help confirm your beliefs. So be sure your belief serve you well and do not hinder you.

Do your actions match your Beliefs

When your actions and beliefs do not coincide the feelings you produce are negative.  You may not even realize why you are not comfortable with what you are doing. You may mistake it as nerves. Take the time to ask yourself why you are not feeling positive about a situation. Learning to look inside at your belief structure will also help you assess when you have grown past a belief you once believed true.

Sometimes the belief we have were created during a traumatic experience and does not get updated automatically. Normally the amygdala will update as you learn and get new information. On occasion, a belief was created under an experience that causes it to not update properly.

In these instances using hemispheric integration to let your mind’s eye see all the information you now have to update the belief is sometimes necessary. It is a very useful tool to learn if you truly want to use your brain to improve your potential.

Self Talk Can Change Your Life

There is no one who talks to you more than yourself. What you choose to think about and put on repeat in your mind is a choice.  We all have negative experiences and situations that did not go as we would have preferred. 

You also have numerous experiences and situations that did go well. Things that turned out just as we wanted or even better than expected. Things that make us smile inside to remember. Sometimes even smile on the outside.

What you chose to focus on will set your mood and your attitude. If you can not change how you are feeling or thinking on a particular subject then change the subject. It can be that simple. Change to a subject you can feel good about and improve your disposition.

After you are in a better frame of mind you will have a better ability to look at other situations with a positive outlook also. Finding the positive or silver lining in any situation will serve you well in life. It does not mean you overlook things. It means you learn how to take the knowledge or lesson and move forward with a positive outlook that it was positive for knowledge is power.

Learning how to use everyday situations to empower yourself to do better will give you confidence that will become unshakeable. You realize there is nothing you can not learn from. Therefore you can take power from everything.

May you find the ability to talk positively to yourself today and find the silver lining in any and all situations. 

Have a blessed day, Y’all,

Peggie Sue | The Midlife Dream Life Coach

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