peggie sue starting overHello! You have asked and I have heard you.  Instead if replying to every message and email indivually.  I have decided to put together this list of resources and products all in one spot. Whoo Hoo!!


How I manage to travel  and programs I use to see the world.


Some of the special products I use to stay fit, healthy and looking young.  Also the important questions like which red lipstick I use. 😉

Hope you enjoy!  I will be adding to the list regularly. So, check back often!  Also let me know if you want something specific that I do not have listed yet.

COMING SOON: Shop Peggie Sue!


I am often asked how I travel so much? How do I explore while I am starting over? 

Well let me share one of my secrets:

 I regained my power by pairing my love of helping others with my desire to travel. It has been a rewarding experience for all involved.  I am seeing the world and getting to meet new furry loved ones on occasion.  This has been a blessing for me to have the power to travel even on a budget.

Wheather you are looking to travel or want to stay close to one location the options are endless.

Need A House Sitter?

You may also need a house sitter so you can travel.  This is your solution.  Check them out!

Remember, you can always find something positive if you look with the right attitude.

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