Removing excuses with comprehensive workout designed for you and your schedule.  In the gym or at home workouts designed to best fit your lifestyle.  Basic diet support for your fitness level. Private login from anywhere.   


Are you trying to develop a healthier way to eat and feed your family?  Are you looking for a program to help you step by step change the way you shop, eat and cook? Then this program is for you.


This is a comprehensive program designed to help you even if you have had poor dietary habits for years.  You will learn to make lasting changes to your daily habits that you enjoy. This program is based on the HEED principles with a comprehensive 20 program.

In this program you will learn:


  • Healthy eating- learning the importance of dietary balance
  • Taking Stock – Assessing your current diet
  • Setting goals and learning an appropriate reward system
  • Learning benefits and barriers while learning to solve them
  • How to deal with triggers 
  • Dining out
  • Learning the relationship between your thoughts, emotions and eating
  • Shopping strategies
  • Developing a support system
  • Learning about whole foods 
  • Coping strategies for lapses and relapses.
  • Learning recipe modification to make healthy quick meals
  • Fad diets and Supplement education
  • Understanding calories and exercise
  • Understanding energy and weight management relationship
  • Learning how stress affects eating.
  • Celebrating success while staying motivated
  • Alternative eating patterns
  • Learning how to navigate relapses in the future
  • Rewards and success.  Setting new goals


With multiple assessments and references throughout the program to help you develop longterm skills and strategies for the future, you will be set for success.


Sound like what you need to make the changes you are struggling to achieve?  Looking for life-changing habits that not only help you get your weight under control but set your family up for success as well?

Then this program is for you.  Click the link below and let’s get started today!  

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