– Perspective Matters –

Perspective Matters

Yes, perspective matters. No matter how well you plan out what you want to do. Where you may want to go or how you want to get there. Life does not always go as planned. You will find yourself taking unexpected turns or facing unforeseen challenges on a regular basis.

When the challenges of life step in and rear their head. What do you do? Do you say, I told you so? Are you one who gets frustrated at the misfortune that has arisen?

If you do have a perspective that responds this way. Does it ever make the situation any better? Does it? COVID19 caught the world off guard. It is still turning the world upside down. How are you facing the challenge?

Looking for the bright side

Looking for the bright side may be a little cliche but it is very effective. Life has been different worldwide this past year. Here you are entering a new phase of life in the middle of it. How are you dealing with the changes?

Where are you focusing your attention as you get up each day? Are you finding it difficult to find the bright side with all the changes that come on at once?

Starting small with one small aspect of your new normal and finding something positive about it will help. When things do not go as planned looking for the bright side gives you hope.

Your perspective matters

Y’all what you think does matter. You can find the positive in anything if you just take the time to look. It may not always be easy and it may be a very small piece of the big picture. But even the smallest seed can grow if you nurture it.

I do not just preach perspective y’all. I live it. Throughout my life, I developed the skills needed to adjust my beliefs with each new day. It is an acquired ability. You have to want to be happy.

What is a happy life worth to you? Are you willing to fight even your own mindset to achieve it? Sometimes looking at what you already have instead of what you do not is enough.

Being grateful is a wonderful place to begin. Start with an attitude of gratitude and before you know it you will be able to start finding the Brightside. Begin today. What do you have to lose?

I would love to hear from you please, let me know if you applied any of the suggestions above and how they impacted your perspective.

Have a blessed day, y’all.

Peggie Sue | The Midlife Dream Life Coach


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