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Y’all have heard me say over and over that perspective is everything. If you have ever seen the effects of a negative perspective you know its power. Just as a negative perspective can keep someone down. A positive perspective can make what seems impossible, possible.

The following is the journey of a young lady that leads to her becoming a mother at 16. What makes the story so unique, is the fact that she tells the story from a positive perspective, as an uplifting blessing. 

She spoke of things others would consider difficult and tragic as magical blessings in a journey of love. Life is not always easy but your perspective will determine how difficult it has to be. With her blessing, I give you her story. I give you her story.

The Blessed Journey of A Teenage Mother

I have always looked at becoming a mother as a blessing. I never even considered my age in the equation. When I found out I was pregnant my first thoughts immediately became what do I need to do to prepare for the baby’s arrival. 

There were defiantly a few curveballs. I was in a Catholic Indian boarding school at the time and therefore I suddenly became homeless. In a small town where being a pregnant teenager was not acceptable. 

I was blessed to have been very active in the church. Singing in the choir and working on any and all charity events. In doing so I met a beautiful woman who stood up to the community and rented me a tiny 2 bedroom trailer.

I was a sophomore in high school and knew I needed to be able to work to support a baby. So as I finished my sophomore year of high school I chose to get my GED and go straight to technical school. My level of education never crossed my mind at the time. I just decided I would do it. So, I did. I graduated technical school as my high school class graduated high school.

I got my first job by offering to work for two weeks and either they hire me or I leave with no pay.  At the end of the two weeks, I got the job and a sweet apology for thinking I was not capable because of my age.

Perspective is Everything

My Perspective Always Moved Me Forward. I do not sit here and pretend that there were no difficult times. There were many. Being a pregnant teenager in school will challenge the most positive of souls. Kids are cruel by nature. I always looked at them with prayers for them. Children only repeat what they hear at home. 

The church and school I loved took a stance for business instead of humanity. I was someone they wanted to go away.  It was bad for their image. I was blessed with nuns and brothers who nurtured my faith in myself and god. It was a blessing to be reminded my uniqueness was what made me special.

Yes, my parents divorced when I was 10. I had a storybook childhood until that day. I was loved and taught all the things I needed to know to run a household. Being encouraged to be me and not follow the crowd.

My father’s alcoholism taught me unconditional love beyond measure. It also started my journey in personal development with family days at treatment centers he went for help at. It ultimately leads me to my beautiful house at boarding school and a great education that let me get my GED after my sophomore year and graduate with honors from a technical school.

Silver linings are EVERYWHERE

I look at my life and I see all the silver linings. They shine so brightly to me. I still smile when I look at them. I have been blessed in so many ways throughout my life. My story could be so different. I chose to only focus on the good.

Focusing on looking at the good helps me focus on being the good I would like to see. I like who I am, imperfections and failures and all. I know I can. That is my biggest silver lining of all.

I do not tell my story often. When I do it is to try to help others understand that perspective is everything. Regardless of what you think of my life journey, to me, it has been very blessed. I do pray for you to find some small pieces to help you search for your silver linings. The more silver you find the more light you have to shine on others.

Life is full of Choices

Life is full of choices every day.  I hope you found some small inspiration in the story above. Finding the good and positivity is a mindset. Training yourself to find the silver lining in any situation takes practice.

It will not be easy to change. You will have to practice every day.  You will have to catch yourself in a negative thought and stop it. Then take the time to find the positive. Your perspective will change the more you do it. Every time you make the change you are working to reprogram your brain on what you want to see.

Understanding that your mind looks for ways to prove you right will help you look at what you are asking it to look for. It is up to you to change your outlook. Take responsibility for your thoughts and beliefs. 

Practice, practice, practice and soon it will be a positive thought you have first. You can do it if you truly want to.  It is mind over matter, for what you mind your brain will search for because it matters to you.

Life is not always easy but the way you choose to look at it will determine if it is a happy one or not. Silver linings are a matter of perspective. I hope you chose to shine.

Our guest has obviously made it a way of life and I hope you find the courage to start your journey to a more positive perspective today. I would love to hear your stories of inspiration

Have a blessed day, Y’all,

Peggie Sue | The Midlife Dream Life Coach

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