I was born an Air Force brat in beautiful Hawaii.   I do believe this set the tone for my life to follow.  There is a spirit that runs deep on the islands and even though I was only 8 years old when I left the islands for the last time, I do believe this set a foundation of personal strength that has gotten me where I am today.

Even while moving regularly during my childhood in the military, I was still very active in sports almost since I could walk. Starting with gymnastics, evolving over time to include track, basketball, dance, taekwondo, just to name a few.

Fitness History

I taught my first aerobics class when I was just 16 years old and was hooked on helping others find enjoyment in working on themselves.  Over time this grew to include various coaching styles and classes, including kickboxing, step aerobics and Zumba to name a few. My love for fitness and the smiles on my student/clients faces was the highlight of my days.

Weight lifting became a way of life for me and over time developed into 4 years of competition life, thanks to my mother.  Learning how to change and develop the body with physical challenges and stratigies was beyond rewarding.  After a complete separation of my should and multiple fractures to my collarbone in a freak accident the first year, I learned the importance of developing the skills needed to regain my full mobility and strength.

Wellness History

In 1987 I started my career in wellness as a medical assistant.  Having the ability to help people first hand and develop the skills needed to make changes toward a healthier lifestyle became a passion immediately.  I obtained my EMT license after a horrific scare with  my father.  He suffered a major heart attack and had to be brought back by defibulator.  I worked on the local ambulance and honed my skills working in the ER on weekends.

Over time I relized my passion centered around helping others find their confidence.  To rediscover the power to accomplish anything they desire. 

Starting Over

Starting over can have so many meanings.  What ever that is for you and what ever your reason to make a change.  I hope you find something here to inspire you to keep going and not give up on your dreams. If there is anything I can do to help or incourage you feel free to ask.

God Bless,Y’all.

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