Hello, I am Peggie Sue, a wellness and fitness coach helping women start over with confidence and grace.

Starting Over.

WOW. Scary stuff anytime, especially when you did not choose to. Whatever major life event, loss of job, relocation, illness or end of a relationship, you are experiencing to put you on this path, I want to first encourage you to give yourself credit for reaching out for help.  

Wellness and Fitness

I started my wellness career straight out of school as a medical assistant.  My love of helping others made the work a rewarding way to give back.  I added my EMT certification after a terrifying heart attack with my father.  We were blessed and he made it but the experience changed my outlook forever.  I realized that tomorrow is not guaranteed but you could make changes to help live a more fulfilled happy and healthy life. 

With my background in health and fitness.  It was natural to follow my passion and help women who are starting over rediscover their confidence and positive mindset to make the changes they desire and be a guide toward where to begin.

 A little back story about me.  ->

So with so many years of experience, I came to realize that it was time to step out on faith and share my story to help others develop the skills to start over with a positive outlook and chase the life of their dreams..

Are you struggling to make lasting changes?  Ready to start over with confidence? Not sure if coaching is for you? One short conversation can help you decide if coaching is right for you.  What do you have to lose?