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Staying Positive on a Rainy Day Peggie Sue The Midlife Dream Life Coach

How to stay Positive on a Rainy Day

Depression on a rainy day is very common. Many see the lack of sunshine, and the gloom automatically sets in. Some even have Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD), a form of depression that hits the same time each year.

Many mood challenges can be attributed to the weather. You may find the rain gloomy or the heat to be unbearable.

There are a plethora of weather conditions that can be termed uncomfortable or undesirable. So let’s look at how to stay positive on a rainy day, to begin with.

How do you find a Positive Perspective?

The fastest way to a positive perspective is to be grateful. Yes, it is as simple as finding something to be grateful for. Finding the silver lining will challenge you to find something good.

Looking on purpose to find something good will help you develop the natural ability to see the good. Finding the good things does not mean there are not any bad things. It only means you are choosing to focus on the good.

Any time you choose to focus on something, it grows. So, be mindful of what you focus on. To have a positive, happy outlook, you have to choose to focus on the positive, happy things in your life.

What you eat matters

Just as eating improves many common physical conditions. As in diabetes, cholesterol, heart health, obesity, cancer, and osteoporosis. You can eat to improve your Serotonin for regulating your mood and promoting positive feelings.

According to healthline.com, you can’t directly get serotonin from food, but you can get tryptophan, an amino acid that’s converted to serotonin in your brain.

Tryptophan is found primarily in high-protein foods, including turkey and salmon.”Research suggests that eating carbs along with foods high in tryptophan may help more tryptophan make it into your brain.”

Try consuming tryptophan-rich food with 25 to 30 grams of carbohydrates.

Exercise improves your health

Exercise is a positive for so many reasons, including the fact that it releases tryptophan into your blood.

Aerobic exercise, which you are comfortable with, seems to have the best effect.

Going for a walk in the rain will get you some fresh air and help, to improve your outlook. Exercise also releases endorphins into your blood that can improve your mood.

You can also use some suggestions from the video and see how many positives you can name while you are out on your walk.

What are some ways you enjoy a rainy day and stay positive? Please share your perspective on how to stay positive on a rainy day below.

Have a blessed day, y’all.

Peggie Sue | The Midlife Dream Life Coach

Link: https://youtu.be/nYmwEzcwnXI

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