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How to Journal if you don’t write

Journaling is not for everyone. I have been asked often about journaling. This may not be the most popular answer out there, but it is my truth. I do not write in a journal.

Growing up as I did in the AirForce, we did not keep unnecessary belongings. The more you pack and move, the more efficient you become at keeping it as small scale as possible.

So I developed my own style with the use of music.

Do you need to Journal

Every day there are things going on in your mind. Journaling is a very effective way of recording the events and the feelings associated with them. So you may look at them and get a better understanding.

Everyone has different needs in what they journal about. So the technique and tools used to do so will be different for everyone. I suggest trying various methods to find the style that best fits your needs, personality, and lifestyle.

How I use Music for Journaling

I developed a love of music at a very young age. I have always used music to help uplift me. Including singing in church as a child. It was always a positive, uplifting experience for me.

I find I can use music even when something difficult happens to lift me up so I can look at what is going on with an open mind and address why I am reacting the way I am.

Not letting your emotions control you will help to empower you to understand why you are feeling something. So you can look at what your beliefs are that make you feel that way.

For me, I can do this with music. I do not need to write it down because I can process the reactions with a more positive perspective. Knowing already, I have the mindset that I am learning something.

Now you can even get your year in review with most of the music apps like Spotify. They will let you know how you did with your music selection, with a list at the end of the year.

Other Journaling Options

Some people are not good at writing down their thought and feeling. It takes time to become good at writing down your thoughts and ideas. Music will not work for everyone either.

If these do not appeal to you, maybe drawing will help you. Some form of doodling or sketching, perhaps.

Possibly even painting. Video or voice recordings are also very viable options now.

The key is to be sure that you do the necessary work. Reassess regularly and be sure that you are being congruent and true to your beliefs.

Take the time to understand your feelings and reactions, as soon as possible, to continue to stay congruent and adjust your beliefs as you gain new knowledge in life.

I would love to hear from you please, let me know how you choose to process your day. What are your journaling techniques?

Have a blessed day, y’all.

Peggie Sue | The Midlife Dream Life Coach

Link: https://youtu.be/5MBwrp_8rfg

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