– How Do You Learn To Love Yourself 5-Day Challenge –

Learn How to Love Yourself

How do you learn to Love Yourself 5-day Challenge? This is a question that many ask. Where do you begin to love yourself when you do not know how? How do you take control and change it into self-love?

Are you finding more ways to find things you would like to change than you are accepting? Does the mirror talk back to you with the ability to see everything you don’t like first?

Do you keep track when you fall short of a goal or when you think or say something wrong?  How does one go from a negative mindset, that may have been learned from childhood to a loving positive mindset?

How do you take a lifetime of harmful habits and turn them around? Where does one even begin to find the good in so many years of bad?

Mind Over Matter

What “you” mind does matter! If you are focusing on the negative you will continue to see the negative.  Your mind is so powerful. It can set your mood, control your hunger, and how you see the world to name just a few. 

So what do you think about all day? Are you focusing on all the things you do not like? At the end of the day can you list out all the things you feel inferior about? How often do you smile at yourself?

With all things beginning in your own mind, how do you change your own mind? What are the beliefs that have you stuck in self-doubt? Did they begin as a child or develop in school? Were they adult-onset issues?

Looking at where the beliefs come from will help you determine what you need to change in your thought process.  Even the best-intentioned parent, teacher, or friend, can do a lot of damage. More often than not they do not even realize the damage they are doing with words given with good intent.

Knowing where it started can help you adjust your perspective. Understanding that your thoughts are not always your own will help you update the information about your beliefs. Some beliefs need to be changed on purpose to serve us better.

How Do You Use Self Talk

You talk to yourself more than anyone else. From the moment you wake up till you go to bed. What are you talking about? Are you correcting yourself with a negative connotation? 

Your self-talk feeds your beliefs about yourself. If you talk to yourself constantly pointing out what you don’t like that is what you will see the most of.  Your brain will find information to help you confirm your beliefs.

This is why it is so important to look at your beliefs and see why you believe the way you do.  It is a true self-journey to look within and find where it all began. You can not update the belief until you do.

You can begin the journey to changing your self-talk even while working to update your outdated beliefs.  Speaking with encouragement to yourself as you would to someone else is a HUGE step forward.

You can change your perspective by choosing to find the good.  The more you focus on finding the good the more you will find it. Just as when you buy a new car then suddenly you see them everywhere. You are now focused on that car so you see them more and more often.

How do you learn to Love Yourself 5-day Challenge

You can make the necessary changes toward loving yourself. You have it within you to learn to see how wonderful you truly are. Changing your perspective about where your beliefs came from and updating the old information to what you know is a great beginning.

I do hope you take the 5-day challenge and share it with anyone you know of who could use a little more self-love.

Please share your progress and experiences below as you go through the challenge. I do hope you make it a way of life to acknowledge yourself and your true inner beauty every day.

Remember as Ethel Waters said, “God don’t make no junk”. In Psalm 1:39:13-18, the psalmist proclaimed the wonder of being God’s unique and treasured creation. So continue to list your gratitude and love yourself out loud every day.

Have a blessed day, y’all.

Peggie Sue | The Midlife Dream Life Coach

Link: https://youtu.be/YqGOhZEdbSghttps://youtu.be/YqGOhZEdbSg

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