– How Do You Get Unstuck And Get Back On Track –

How do you get unstuck and get back on track? Have you been there?  Frustrated, restless, not knowing what is missing? You are not necessarily unhappy but you sure are not where you want to be. Can you relate?  I sure can.  

I find myself focused on my goal the majority of the time.  Working daily to learn new things and to be and do better for me and those I serve.  I know I want to help as many women as I can thrive and not just survive.  With COVID everything has changed and well, I was feeling stuck. Travel is slow and safety is at the forefront of all decisions.

With social limitations, the world has moved online. I was prepared, or so I thought to go online and make life happen.  I had already moved my business online and struck out to see the world before COVID hit. The transition was made and I was house sitting and traveling the coast and seeing new places. Working with my clients online. Even managed to pick up a bartending job in a quaint little town, right on the ocean! Dream job! ( I joked often, that one day, I would disappear and bartend on the beach and leave my stressful accounting job behind) Now, I looked at the ocean every time I served a drink.

COVID19 strikes

Then BOOM, COVID. Everything in the entire world changed.  Everyone was looking at an uncertain future. Even today it is still stressful on many fronts with all the changes and uncertainty as to what the future holds. But, we must continue on, waiting for things to get back to “normal” is not an option. With all the new changes to everyday life, the “New Normal” is developing right now. The question is how to get “unstuck” to thrive again.

Change can be intimidating. COVID has many stuck in a wait for things to get back to normal mentality. Let me ask you this.  What if things do not ever go back?  Imagine if we are in a new age of doing things differently?  Supposing that, then the change is inevitable. If so, are you stuck? Are you still focusing on the path you had before? How do you become more positive about the path you are on?

I understand, I do. I was so set to get out to places I had never been to, Japan, Thailand, Brazil… Also, I had to unstick my focus and look at the bigger picture.  I am in a beautiful place with many things I have never seen.  I can still see new things and explore the areas around me.  One is only stuck if they choose to limit my beliefs about what is possible.  Me, I choose to challenge myself and enjoy the big picture. Yes, I will get to those places, I can not control COVID. However, I can change how I believe I should get there. 

Are your beliefs holding you back

The way you approach your life and the world is totally up to you. How do you get unstuck? Start with your beliefs. The beliefs you have toward life will either help you or hinder you. You can make excuses and stay stuck. To what end?  Yes, it may be easier. Being honest enough to admit that your only limit is you. Knowing what your beliefs are is the first step in finding out if you need to update them. 

Next time you catch yourself having a negative or self-limiting thought about a particular situation stop and ask yourself” Where does that come from? You can learn a lot about yourself when you start looking inside and asking why.  No, it is not always easy. You have it within you to have the life you want.  Sometimes you just have to get unstuck to get there. You can always start by looking at the bigger picture and see where you can change.

Have a blessed day, Y’all,

Peggie Sue | The Midlife Dream Life Coach


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