Learn How to Love Yourself

– How Do You Learn To Love Yourself 5-Day Challenge –

How do you learn to Love Yourself 5-day Challenge? This is a question that many ask. Where do you begin to love yourself when you do not know how? How do you take control and change it into self-love? Are you finding more ways to find things you would like to change than you are accepting? Does the mirror talk back to you with the ability to ....
Staying Positive on a Rainy Day Peggie Sue The Midlife Dream Life Coach

– How To Stay Positive On A Rainy Day –

How to stay Positive on a Rainy Day Depression on a rainy day is very common. Many see the lack of sunshine, and the gloom automatically sets in. Some even have Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD), a form of depression that hits the same time each year. Many mood challenges can be attributed to the weather. You may find the rain gloomy ....
Peggie Sue Ideas on how to journal

– How To Journal If You Don’t Write –

How to Journal if you don’t write Journaling is not for everyone. I have been asked often about journaling. This may not be the most popular answer out there, but it is my truth. I do not write in a journal. Growing up as I did in the AirForce, we did not keep unnecessary belongings. The more you pack and move, the more ....