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Teen Motherhood Peggie Sue

– Perspective Is Everything –

Y’all have heard me say over and over that perspective is everything. If you have ever seen the effects of a negative perspective you know its power. Just as a negative perspective can keep someone down. A positive perspective can make what seems impossible, possible. The following is the journey of a young lady that leads to her becoming a ....
Using Cognitive Learning To Your Advantage web Peggie Sue

– How To Communicate Better Using Cognitive Learning To Your Advantage –

How to communicate better using cognitive learning to your advantage. Have you ever said, “What did I say”? Are these words you use often? Have you found yourself feeling frustrated and unheard? Feeling unheard is very common. Even more common is the immediate reaction of frustration at the person you are trying to communicate with. ....
eggie Sure How To Build Confidence

– 6 Pillars Of True Confidence –

Are you looking to build confidence? Here are the 6 Pillars of True Confidence. What does that mean, “True Confidence”? The most common mistake people make when looking to build confidence is believing it comes from an external source. Thinking someone can give it to you or it can be bought leads to failure. True confidence comes from within. ....