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Peggie Sue Ideas on how to journal

– How To Journal If You Don’t Write –

How to Journal if you don’t write Journaling is not for everyone. I have been asked often about journaling. This may not be the most popular answer out there, but it is my truth. I do not write in a journal. Growing up as I did in the AirForce, we did not keep unnecessary belongings. The more you pack and move, the more ....
eggie Sure How To Build Confidence

– 6 Pillars Of True Confidence –

Are you looking to build confidence? Here are the 6 Pillars of True Confidence. What does that mean, “True Confidence”? The most common mistake people make when looking to build confidence is believing it comes from an external source. Thinking someone can give it to you or it can be bought leads to failure. True confidence comes from within. ....
Peggie Sue The Midlife Dream Life Coach

– Foods That Boost Metabolism & Estrogen During Menopause –

Foods that boost metabolism & estrogen during menopause are a double blessing. Nothing better than getting multiple benefits when making changes to increase your health during menopause. While it is important to consider metabolism-boosting foods as you enter midlife and start to begin the menopause struggle. It has also become more ....

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