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Peggie Sue The Midlife Dream Life Coach

– Foods That Boost Metabolism & Estrogen During Menopause –

Foods that boost metabolism & estrogen during menopause are a double blessing. Nothing better than getting multiple benefits when making changes to increase your health during menopause. While it is important to consider metabolism-boosting foods as you enter midlife and start to begin the menopause struggle. It has also become more ....
Peggie Sue The Midlife Deam Life Coach

– Life After Adult Children Abandon The Nest –

Is there life after adult children abandon the nest? It may not feel like it if you are just entering this time of your life. I’m not going to lie and say it will be easy, but it will be worth it. I will tell you it could be wonderful. The changes that come when your children move out are bittersweet. Chances are it is not what you expected. ....
Peggie Sue The Midlife Dream Life Coach

– Happiness Is A Choice –

Happiness is a Choice Yes, happiness is a choice. Why? Because life happens. Things do not always go as planned. You can work hard on a goal only to fall short. Disappointments can happen at any time. From getting the wrong food in a to-go order to not getting a job you wanted. Each type of situation you face, no matter how ....

The years that you’ll feel most ALIVE are right around the corner, and I’m here to help you turn that corner. It’s time to put yourself first. It’s time to say “YES” to your happiness.

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