Appreciation & Praise

Brandy O.


Making a change in my life – PHYSICALLY- had been on my mind for years….literally years.  I’m a full-time working wife, mother, and caregiver.  I’m actively involved in my professional association, at church, at the kids’ schools.  In recent years, I commuted to work. I did not have time to workout. I ate what I wanted, drank what I wanted, and was happy with life. Yeah, except that my weight, general fatigue, and mild depression were on my mind CONSTANTLY. CONSTANTLY.

Guess I was putting on a good game face.  Except I wasn’t really, because I never felt like I had enough rest, never had enough energy for my kids, and NEVER wanted a picture taken of myself.

Last summer, some major life events occurred that basically freed up a lot of my time. I had no more excuses for lack of it. I had to face the fact that it was totally up to me – to make the time, to delegate the money (not SAVE or BORROW – just redelegate), and to make the needed changes.

I got Peggie’s name from a friend at work.  I knew what I needed to do, but I literally sat in my car shaking before I headed to FaceBook Messenger to reach out to Peggie for the first time.  SHAKING!  How crazy is that? It’s not like I was facing a firing squad, right? Just the thought of going into the gym and committing to doing what I KNEW she was going to tell me to do was SO SCARY to me.  I’m a medical professional – I know about calories and macros and all that. Knowing about it and putting it to use are two VERY different things.

I did reach out to Peggie.  She replied almost immediately and was SO SUPPORTIVE, SO WELCOMING, and SO IN TUNE with my needs from the very beginning. We met the last week of August, and I committed to 10 weeks of 3 days a week, 30-minute sessions.  We talked about my calorie goals, macros breakdown, etc.  She listened to my worries, concerns, and goals. We mapped out a plan and off we went.

Peggie did what a trainer should do – she kicked my butt, pushed me harder, and called out my excuses, but she also supported my “down” days, talked me through my doubts, and always, ALWAYS encouraged me to do MY best.  She didn’t compare me to others, just to myself, and made sure I did the same.

Those 10 weeks flew by.  I made progress (PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY)  and formed some great new habits.  My body hasn’t changed radically.  That’ll take time, diligence, and dedication. More importantly, I feel better, I have more energy, I eat better, and I have more confidence in myself.  My transformation journey continues, and I owe much of the success to Peggie.

Thank you Peggie!


Brandy O.

Jennifer Sutterfield

I am the type of person that needs a routine and a rhythm for something to work; Peggie makes that easy. My goal was to be comfortable in my skin, I went threw a few years of down time to surgery or life and really needed something to get back where I wanted to be. I was about to enter my thirties and I was not going to be one of those people that said “in my 20’s  XYZ” I wanted to enter my thirties like a rock star! Skinny was not my goal, I didn’t have a number in mind for size or weight, I wanted to FEEL good and Peggie understood that. I felt my body was soft and that was not my happy place. Peggie not only helped me get rid of the “soft” but also helped me get strong by working my body out correctly and what was right for MY body.

When you work out with Peggie your working out with a friend you develop friendship, an interdependent, supportive, and fun dynamic with someone that will hold you accountable (make sure you find your happy place). This is something I could not do by myself, I have been given the tools for what works for me. My definition of success was having that confidence in my own skin. I spend most weekends on the lake and my aha moment  was when I realized I didn’t once have a “nope not today” because my skin was hanging over here or I needed to suck in over there; and that is a great feeling… my success story.

Thanks Peggie Sue!


Danielle Frost


I have always been pretty active and I’d go to the gym on and off, but never really had much to show for it. Once I found out I was getting married I started training with Peggie and started seeing the difference quickly. After just a few short months I’m wearing clothes I haven’t fit into in years. I’ve also gotten so much stronger and find myself reaching goals I never thought I could. I can actually do a pull up for the first time in my life which has always been a huge goal of mine! No matter what your goals are Peggie can help you reach them!

Hit her up this year if you’re interested in making some changes and actually getting serious results ❤️❤️ Peggie Sue


Laura Murano

My name is Lara, not gonna say my age or weight! Iʼve been working with Peggie for about 15 weeks now. Iʼm slow and uncoordinated but everyday she encourages me to keep going and do my best. I never imagined Iʼd stick with it but thanks to her my scales are friendlier and my clothes fit! She pushes me to do the best I can even when I cheat, and thatʼs frequent! Iʼve found a routine, I think itʼs become a habit something good for me a habit!

Thanks Peggie!

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