Transforming lives,

One Perspective

at a time

The Midlife

Dream Life Perspective

Building confidence in women to take control of your lives.

Teaching tools to build courageous, confident, and Loving women who create their own happiness.

Changing the perspective on putting yourselves first with no guilt or remorse.

Learn a new perspective on how to love, be loved, explore, try new things, have fun, travel, and be happy.

Develop a lifestyle of taking care of your bodies mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

you deserve to live your best life, now.

Say goodbye to the “midlife crisis” and hello to the Midlife Dream Life.

Hey Ladies!

I’m Peggie Sue

I’m so happy that you’re here! I’m your Midlife Dream Life Coach, and I’m on a mission to help as many women, just like you, create their dream life.

I realized very young that my perspective was different. I saw the world from a different angle.

I had an innate ability to see from the other perspective to see more of the totality of an event. This has always been a blessing to me. It has given me the ability to see the positive in any situation.

I use my intuition and my ability to find the positive in any situation to guide me.

Knowing how to understand why something makes me feel a certain way has let me move through challenges quicker with a natural flow of my own inner energy.


In 2018, my life changed and it was time to change with it.

I sold everything I owned except what fit in a suitcase and took off to chase a dream to travel that had been put on hold way too long.

I am blessed to live the life I do. To travel and grow with each new experience. To keep an open mind and heart to the world I get to explore.

Not everyone has the courage to chase their dream, to run into the face of possible failure.

It's all about the perspective you have. I can see the positive in everything I experience. Whether it be good or bad, up or down. I find knowledge and growth that makes me a better me.

That is the magic that makes my life a Dream Life.

What is your ideal dream life? What have you always wanted? Maybe it's time to change your perspective on how to obtain it.

I’m here to help you! Together, let’s make your midlife years, your best years yet!


Some fun facts

About Me

  • I grew up on Oahu.

  • I am an Assiniboine & Sisseton Sioux of the Fort Peck Tribe.

  • I played the Alto Sax, Clarinet, Oboe, and keyboards in the high school band and the Oboe in College Symphony.

  • I am a 2nd-degree black belt in Taekwondo.

  • I still ride the cart when shopping.

  • I competed in my first Bikini Fitness Competition in 2017 at 48 years old. As of now, I’ve done 5 competitions.

Ready to take your

Life To The Next Level?

Life should be fun, exciting, and adventurous. Especially, at this time in your life. You deserve to live your best life now.

If you’re ready to take action, and stop letting life pass you by, I invite you to see how we can work together.

I’m ready. Help me now

The years that you’ll feel most ALIVE are right around the corner, and I’m here to help you turn that corner. It’s time to put yourself first. It’s time to say “YES” to your happiness.

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