Healthy living during change

Healthy Living During Change 

How do you develop healthy living during change? Change is the only constant in life. Yet it is the only constant that human beings resist inherently. How many times have you met someone who has been 100% sure of a natural change brought into their life? I understand, there are few such individuals. But have you stopped for a moment to consider why that is? Is it because with change comes the idea of fear and uncertainty? Or is it because it takes too long and too much to be accustomed to one set of ideas only to flip to another? I am sure, we all have our answers. 

But what is most important is to notice where one needs to bring change for themselves in life. These decisions can be tough. They might even require all your strength from your soul, but sometimes, they are worth it. Especially if a previous routine is causing you harm, there is no shame to struggle for a change in life. 

Give yourself a pep talk 

Most of the time we do not even realize but we are thriving on some habits that negate any sense of healthy living. And trust me, it is not only about eating healthy. Living healthily has so much included. From your sleeping patterns, your thinking patterns, your conduct, your eating, and so much more. 

But what your mind and body wellness truly require is a need to give yourself a pep talk. You are the realization your body and mind need to bring about a change. Don’t you think the first step to bringing a positive change is to accept the presence of negative influence? 

Set Realistic Goals 

Most often people tend to make drastic changes in their lifestyle. I am sure you can remember on fingertips the number of times you wanted to lose those Christmas gains in an instant. With a buzzing drive and a motion set to achieve, this is not necessarily a bad idea. But it is not even a realistic idea that can help you achieve long-term sustainability. After all, what matters most? Instant results or the ability to keep up with a sustainable lifestyle in the long run? 

So, it is important to cut yourself some slack and start small. You must have noticed how people who start small are often the ones who get to their destination in the best way possible. Sure, every journey has a fair share of ups and downs, but this allows your resolve to strengthen every time it is tested. And most of all, it helps you celebrate yourself because you finally set achievable goals and ones that are realistic. 

Choose your mode of physical wellbeing

Believe me, there is nothing quite like the wellbeing your mind and body can achieve through some physical activity. Yes, torching some calories can amplify your endorphins and sustain your weight. But it can also be equally beneficial to keeping your sanity in check. The mind and the body are intertwined like a spider web. Every time you make changes to either of them, the other is affected simultaneously. 

Since going for a run may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and it is not always practicle. You must find what inspires you to rejuvenate. Whether that is Pilates, yoga, strength training, boxing, High-intensity interval training, or whatever. There must be something out there for you. Take baby steps, help your body adjust to the challenges of developing physical wellbeing. Be kind to it. Listen to it. Because healthy living starts from healthy practices and your understanding of your body. 

Make changes, one by one

One of the hardest adjustments you can make is to become comfortable with being true to yourself and who you are. You may catch yourself trying to fit in with everyone else but finding a check and balance in the relationship with yourself is one of the most important things you can accomplish for healthy living. Sometimes it is easier to make changes one at a time. Making one healthy swap a day can build into major life changes.

You can start by making one swap a day. These swaps can be made mentally and physically. Try making one positive self talk addition every day. This may seem insignificant but in time you will be having positive conversations with yourself and that can be life-altering. this same concept can apply to food, exercise, and sleep habits.

Your mind is your palace

While setting body goals for healthy living is important, setting mind goals are equally important too. Your mind is your palace that can make you or break you. A simple act of making an effort for your mind can help you achieve wellness. 

Is it not wonderful to simply read a novel of your favorite author while sitting beside the window? I know most of us would kill for an hour like that. But guess what? One especially needs such a time with oneself when their life is changing dramatically. These little instances of connecting with yourself can be wonderful! Take time to feed your spirit with things that make you happy.

Never underestimate the power of small acts 

Repeat after me, “I will drink plenty of water and will try to sleep for at least 6-7 hours”. This is a mantra every person should chant to. Nothing works like the magic of water and sleep. Trust me, it is a dynamic duo that can help you adapt to some of the greatest of the changes. 


We often underestimate the power of small acts while trying to achieve big things. But what if I tell you that these small acts are the foundation of your big goals? Sometimes the slightest changes can yield the best results. And this is all that you need to do for a healthy and beautiful life that you have envisioned all your life. It is never too late to give in to your desires and work for them. Healthy living can be enjoyable too if you start with just one swap at a time.

Have a blessed day y’all,

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