How to manage stress while starting over

How to manage stress while starting over

How to manage stress while starting over. Have you ever heard how life is not fair to everyone and most certainly not at all times of one’s life? Well, this is it. Life has its ways of grounding individuals. It has its ways of giving people a momentary pause to help them have a new perspective on life. And I know, shifting perspectives and starting everything from scratch is hard.  Especially when uncertainty is on a new rise, it is almost like an unspeakable horror. But how do you notch up your positivity and shine through even the toughest of times like these? 


You are the therapy you need 

How often have you tried to seek validation from other sources of your life but yourself? How often have you dismissed your thoughts by subduing them instead of thinking about them and getting past them? Even if you have been doing so, it is okay to change perspective now. Never say never! 

Despite everything, your own entity is the first step towards the therapy that you need. Just the simple act of acknowledging your thoughts and reminding yourself that everything works out is all the push that you need. You might not have practiced similar notions of working on yourself earlier but is it ever too late to be your own hero, to save your own self? 


Break the vicious cycle  

Social media and the digital age rule our lives more than we like to accept. But it is what it is. This is a time when the entire world is at a standstill. Your only connection to the outside realm is social media. This is when you tend to swirl in a vicious cycle. One that can be unnerving at times. The constant reminder of the miseries in the world and the feelings of helplessness are nothing but severe additions to your stress. Yes! You heard it. Breaking free from the constant social media scrolls and reports can help you keep your composure better. 

This is not to say that social media should not be used, it is that everything is good when it within limits. And isn’t it how humans are? When all else halts, they tend to immerse themselves in one thing until somehow it starts getting the best of them. So, be kind to yourself and manage your time on social media to help you regulate your stress. 


Break a sweat 

I know it in my bones too. Every time one is about to start something new, something afresh, something inside the body churns up and resists. It is okay because it is normal. Looking back in retrospect, I am sure you will find a dozen experiences that made you feel this way. But looking back you must also realize how most of those experiences brought something fruitful with them. 

Dare to believe me? Nothing helps one channel their stress and inspire motivation like breaking a sweat every now and then. The fear of injuries is valid. But like every other thing in life, take baby steps, start small, help your physical and mental keys adjust to the rhythms of your new life. Nothing makes sense. It is only with time that everything falls into place. You might struggle initially, but your will to stay steadfast can create wonders. Wonders that you thought your physical and mental wellness could never achieve. This is your time to work it all out. This is your time to help build yourself into something beyond your own expectations even. Because this is the time given to you by the universe. 


Take a leap of faith 

Do you know what is the hardest aspect of starting all over again? The fear of failure, the fear of heartbreak, the fear of inability, the fear of not being able to cope up. All these anxieties keep feeding onto your motivation like a sprawling giant no matter what age you are. Perhaps, it grows with age because you have more things to lose and more responsibilities to keep up. 

But the like silver lining that radiates through everything, believe that this is your time to take a leap of faith. Sometimes you need to remind yourself that what could be the worst of the outcomes? That you would find out you suck at the one thing you loved doing? Or that your perspective on things would change in an unparalleled fashion? But ask yourself; is it the worst thing that could happen? Or is it a blessing in disguise? After all, you never know the worth of something in your life until you delve into it completely. And would you rather stay in a fantasy about something you never tried, or would you find out what works for you and build your personality accordingly? 

And most importantly, remember that you are your own being. You have your own journey. Whatever your friend might have achieved might not be for you because your path is different, and it is yours only. Your only comparison is your own self. 


Let the lights guide you home 

Sometimes home is not a place where you live but an experience that you have lived. Most days you feel low and slow because you just are not able to compartmentalize your wants and your needs. Everyone has an ideal person; it may be the woman you recently saw in a tv season or it may be your mother. 

But ponder over it, how did your ideal person become what they are? Even if you do not know someone’s journey, you must know that nothing is impossible. At least not as long as you are willing to make put in the effort for it. Nothing is worthwhile as long as it is only in your imagination. Let yourself dive into what matters. Break free from the shackles that hold you back. Let yourself experiment and make wild choices if need be. If you want it, everything will work out, take a leap of faith.


Have a blessed day Y’all,

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