Separation Anxiety Issues

Separation Anxiety issues when starting over can effect the entire family.  You probably experienced a form of separation anxiety issues already even if you were unaware of it at the time.  Have you already experienced a time when your infants or small children cried when you tried to leave?  This is a form of separation anxiety in children that is most common.

Separation  anxiety in adults

Though not as commonly acknowledged adults can expierence separation anxiety issues also, as discussed in this article by Medical News Today,

Although these are both examples of sever anxiety, and if you are suffering of the symptoms mentioned please seek help from a medical professional, I am refering to a more common form where you can also let separation issues influence your decisions without even being aware that you are.  

The fear is natural but can be dibilitating if not recoganized. It is natural to become uneasy or nervous when making decision that take you away from your loved ones.  Family and friends are a famuliar part of your day to day life.  Keeping in mind that venturing outside ones comfort zone for any reason is difficult, will help you aproach the changes you are facing without letting fear limit your possibilities before you even begin. 


Uncertanity or fear and how it can effect your decisions

The fear of  the unknown keeps more people from the life of their dreams more than failure ever will.  As an example, I want you to write down a dream goal on a piece of paper.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  Now underneath that dream or goal make two columns.  Label one column Pros (reasons it will work) and Label the other one Cons (reasons it will NOT work),Dream Exercise or you can use the attached PDF if it is easier. Now list out 10 items for each column. get If you can not get 10 get as many as you can.

Now I am going to venture a guess that either you have more in the CON column or at the very least it filled up before the PRO colum did.  Am i right?  This is just a short example of how we are pre dispositioned to think of the negative before the positive. So acknowledge your fear but don’t let it stop you from explorijng your options.

Technology advantages

In this new age of technology your ability to stay in touch with family and friends is astounding.  With apps like Skype and ZOOM it is easier to connect groups and evern record for future viewing.  There are also various options directly on many smartphones.
As you begin to design the life of your dreams, keep in mind that there are options out there to help you stay in touch if you are considering relocataing or traveling from family and friends.  Be sure to take the time to research your options before removing any possibiliies as you make this transition.  You are in control of this future you are desining, be sure to make it fabulous.

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