When things do not go as planned

What happens when things do not go as planned? How do you navigate the unexpected when you are trying to follow a new budget and start on a new path for your life.  These are both very tough questions.  Especially at a time when you are just getting your bearings and building a new life.

Change your perspective.

Let’s face it.  How often do thing truely go as exactly planned?  How many time have you had to make slight or even major adjustments as you worked to accomplish your goals?  I would venture to guess that you have had a time or three in your life already where you were faced with the unexpected and though difficult, managed to get through it.  Am I right?  Sometimes you forget what you are capable of.  Sometimes you forget you have manged many a crisis on your own already.  You just had someone to go home and share it with.  Your perspective can make or break you when things do not go as you had designed. I may not be easy but you will  figure it out.

Do not let a detour derail you.

Sometimes when things go diffetent than you expected you want to give up.  One of the hardest lessons to learn in life is not to “expect”.  Nothing in life is a deffinite.  Expecting a particular outcome can be a path to desaster in and of itself.  You must keep your goal in mind at all times but be ready to adjust your plan. Sometimes this means you will have to readjust  your budget entirely to obtain your financial goal. You may have to trade in your car for one more practicle for your budget goals.   Find a more budget friendly place to live.  Are these things you are will to do?

Ego is the enemy.

What does this mean? To start with if you have not read EGO IS THE ENEMY, I highly suggest you do so.  With that being said, is your ego getting in the way of your goals and happiness? Are your decisions driven by what you see your new live becoming?  Your true desires and dreams, or are you being bogged down by your ego.  If you are designing your dream life, but feel the need for outside approval, chances are you are not folowing your own heart.  this is where ego comes in, the need to be acepted.  The desire to apear a particular way to the outside world.  Where am I leading with all this?  Let me explain.

When you have a plan and you get hit with the unexpected, and that happens sometimes in life.  Your ability to adjust and do what is necessary to accomplish your goal can be severly effected if you are more worried about what others will think, than what your heart truly desires.


Adjust your thinking.

You can change your life by changing your thought process.  The less you need outside approval for the decisions you make to be happy.  The happier you will be.  Let me guess, it’s not that easy right? Actually, yes, it is.  You can adjust to your situation faster if you are true to yourself.  It is when you focus on the outside world and their approval that you make things more difficult and sometimes even kill the dream you were working for.

Life is going to happen.  The car may break down, you may lose your job, there are a milllion things that will come into play.  The key is to stay focused on the end goal while making adjustments.  Do not limit yourself with the opinions of others.  Make the necessary changes and move forward with confidence that you are doing what is best for you.


Setbacks are not failures

 It can be difficult when things are not going as planned to stay positive but it is not impossible.  Looking at your life as a continous learning process will help you enjoy the good days more and navigate the bad days with more grace.  Remembering that you are always learning will help you use the challenges and setbacks as a chance to improve on yourself and your confidence.
 You are in an entirely new phase of your life and you are doing the best you can.  Remember to give yourself credit for moving forward to build your dream life.  You can do anything you are willing to put in the work to achieve.  What ever that isfor you, make it Faboulous!!


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