Designing the life of your dreams

Wow, designing the life of your dreams. Sounds so foregin, doesn’t it? Do you have to live the life you are given? Don’t you have to follow through with what you already have set in motion? What do you mean create a new life? Who are you to think you could change directions, is that even possible?

Designing the life of your dreams.

Are you thinking, ya right? Do you even remember what you used to dream? What excites a fire in your soul?  Let me explain.  What gets you excited and makes you smile when you think of doing it or living there or creating for yourself or someone else?  Do you see yourself doing these things and being happy? Then why not design your way to happiness? What better way to move on after a divorce?

Designing a new life.

The key to getting the most out of these questions is to be totally honest about what you want without limiting yourself with the fear of how you will make it happen.  Take the time to truly decide what sets your soul on fire and be honest with yourself.

  1. What were your dream goals or aspirations before marriage, relationship, job loss or major life event?
  1. List out the steps it would take to reach each of the above goals. What will it take to make it happen?
  1. List the things you can change in your life to begin to work toward your goals? All the things are you willing to change or give up or both to make it happen.
  1. When are you going to begin? Set a time line and make it realistic.

 Honesty is the key to happiness

 The changes you are making may not happen over night but focusing on changing slowly and working toward a better life and a better you.  If you design your dream life around things that truly make you happy and set your soul on fire, it won’t be as much work.  Then working toward your goals will not be so difficult, right? You can make it more enjoyable if you are truly honest when you set your goals.

Starting over can be a wonderful experience if you let yourself step aside a moment and truly listen to what your heart already knows.   There are no restrictions here other than the ones you put on yourself or let others put on you. It’s only up to you, so make it fabulous!

I would love to hear about your dreams and asperations for your new future.  Have a blessed day Ladies.





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