Navigate a bad day gracfully!

Navigate a bad day gracefully. Easier said then done, huh? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you never had hard days? The ones that take all your effort to get through? I would love to tell you those bad days will not happen but that would be a lie. Life is hard, sometimes downright cruel. You know this. You also know that life also goes on. It’s up to you to make it fabulous again. Do you remember the days when you could navigate a bad day with grace? Want to rediscover the power?

To every season there is a reason.

This is most evident in nature. the cycle of the seasons flows from dormant winter to the birth of new life in the spring to full life and growth of summer, to return to shed the old to prepare to rest for the winter all over again. So gracefully nature runs her course of rebirth each year that most people take it for granted. Never noticing the intricate dance that nature is trying to teach.

It may seem unnatural to find turbulent times as a positive, As humans, we are taught that turbulent times mean turmoil or disaster. It is not taught to look with foresight, to the good things that will come to pass. Why is this? Why is it human nature to focus on the negative?  when mother nature tries every day to show us how to stay positive? The rain may make it muddy but it brings forth new growth in the plants and flowers.
A horrible storm may destroy houses but it will build a strong community.
Now, I am not saying there is not negative out there. It is everywhere. Yin yang, cause, and effect. There are many descriptors of the same good vs evil mantra. It is part of life.

The choice is yours.

What I am saying, is you control how you look at events in your life. No one else. Your story is yours. No one else has lived it. So why give away your power? You have the choice with everything you face to be negative or positive. Only you can choose how you react.
When it seems that the world will overwhelm you with events you can not control. Stop. Take a moment to breathe and go for a walk. Outside, to the water fountain at work, what ever it takes. Take a moment to feel the energy deep within you. Find your focus and remember you can get through anything. You have proven this time and again and this is not any different. You will prevail.

Dare to believe.

Your mindset will make or break you ladies. Dare to believe in yourself. Even on the bad days. Sometimes it takes a few tears to clear your vision. The upside is there is always a rainbow to follow the rain. Even the rain from your eyes. Clear your vision if you must but always find the silver lining, It is there, you just need to believe.

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