One of the beautiful things about we humans is our ability to go from being strangers to acquaintances, to colleagues, to friends, to lovers and even to becoming spouses. This ability is part of our humanity. Sadly, this ability has become a window for us to sometimes feel sad.

Relationships, of whatever kind, all have a beginning and an end. This is inevitable. Friendships, family ties, marriages, workplace connections etc. can all end and will definitely end someday. Change is one thing that we cannot and do not have to battle. Reason being that no matter what we do, change will always come. What we can do is find a way to ride the tide, paddle the boat our way and make sure we are better off for it.

In our world today, relationships have taken on a different impact on women. This is because more and more women are coming out with a lot more to offer and achieve. When a new start happens, women need to change their mind set to realize that it can also mean new adventure awaits.  

Losing a relationship, you have put in so much of yourself into, is very painful and emotionally draining. Yet, countless women all over the world go through this over and over. Breakups, new job, relocating may all come with an array of emotions that can spark thoughts of self-doubt, anger and resentment. These could further lead to low self-esteem, negative outlook toward the world  and a huge disinterest in doing anything.

Going on an adventure could help you find joy in other areas of life and bring you the healing you seek. We know this works for a lot of women. We have outlined some ideas for an adventure to help see you through the breakup period. Find what works for you and try it.

  • Go Sightseeing:

One of the easiest things to do to get your mind off a breakup is to get time off and go sightseeing. There are hundreds and hundreds of wonderful locations that you can visit. This visit can offer you the time to be yourself and communicate with yourself. Check the internet for sightseeing near me and take off there. Dwell on the beauty and magnificence of what you see and remember that there is life even after a breakup. Visit sites that are new. Avoid visiting places you have been to with your ex as this can spark up old memories and ruin the entire healing process.

  • Find Some Engaging Activity:

The goal is not to be idle. The goal is to invest your energy into something else that will help you focus on the future. You can decide to go on a fishing trip on an island, or try out new cuisines from different countries. If you are not scared of heights, then you can go on a bungee jump or go on a gliding trip. You could also decide to go swimming, hiking, horse riding, bike riding or begin a new workout regimine.  Make a list of things you have always wanted to try and get started.

Another interesting thing you can try out is to start gardening. While this may not sound much fun to some, many others will find that the care and attention needed to grow flowers, vegetables etc. is good for them. Sometimes adventures must not be faraway; you can create yours. Just do something engaging and fun.  No more excuses.

  • Go boating or on a long train ride:

Get signed up for a boat trip, or a train trip that will take you a long distance around. As you go, keep an open mind for an adventure to happen. Do not retreat into silence or keep to yourself –you’re on an adventure honey. Enjoy every bit of it!

  • Learn new things:

This may be the time to sign up for that judo or Karate class that you’ve always wanted. It may also be the time to take cooking lessons or any other thing you’ve wanted to learn. You can also start a blog or host a show (online or offline) and talk about life. Life is more beautiful helping others out through your own pain.

  • The Middle East calls:

Many people find adventure in the east. Japan, China, India, Malaysia and Thailand are popular destinations for people looking for a sweet adventure. From food, drinks and hospitality, to meditation, yoga and other mind-enhancing activities, So, grab a map of the middle east and pick an inspiring location and begin.

Finding yourself again after a breakup is usually a very long and difficult process. However, there are things you can do to make things easier on yourself. Find the perfect adventure for you. Do not be in a rush to “move on”, rather focus on enjoying the moments as they come. This way, you will gradually find the strength to heal up. Even as you let go of the past, keep your mind open because a beautiful future is very much possible. To let you in on a little secret, it’s within your reaching.

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