Life is temporary and so is everything in life, the only constant concept in life is change, stemming from the fact that anything that has a beginning will definitely come to an end.


Relationship is a state of being connected between two or more individuals in a mutually beneficial manner. It can take the form of family, friendship, marriage, workplace colleagues, etc. Like every other concept in life, all relationships equally have a beginning, and a definite end.


The definite ending of a relationship often leaves us stranded, searching for life’s purpose as a result of the sudden twist of fate, your life takes a new trajectory as those whom you shared a lot with leave you hanging with little to no plans for their departure date from your now “miserable” existence.

More often than not, relationship breakups pits women as most vulnerable, as they have offer a lot, And when things go awry which they almost always are, these women are left to bear the brunt, moving on becomes difficult, they become emotionally drained, low energy vibration sets in, and depression as the ultimate consequence arises due to over-thinking while wallowing in grieve for the relationship. This is especially evident in women their older years.


To help get yourself to move on, set your life on a pedestal of growth, self-satisfaction, an escape route from the new experience of singleness, there is the need to have a change in your routine, develop a new mindset which will give you the willpower to advance, and reclaim the aspects of life you have lost to the breakdown of the past relationship. Few ways to surmount the heartache of the relationship, and move on include:

·        Avoid wallowing: It is common to think through the loss of the relationship, but that should not be an avenue to overindulge yourself, grief for a brief period, and once it elapses, clear your head immediately, and be open to positive thoughts.

·        Give yourself a treat: At a loss of a relationship, there is always new ground to focus on you, take better care of yourself, indulge in things you love to do, and improve your general well-being.

Studies have proven that single women have better and healthier lifestyle choices than those in relationships filled with unhappiness.

Trying desperately to move on, visit a spa for a treatment that would give you opportunity to reflect on the parts that did not work in past relationship while being massaged. Just don’t stop taking care of yourself.

·        Seek help: Talk it out with professionals. After an end to your relationship, you may have close ones to pour out your feelings to, but the talking exercise may not yield the desired effect from the response/advice you would receive from them. Therefore, seeking the help of a therapist becomes of paramount importance, the therapist would give you expert advice, and helpful tips which will in turn champion the recovery process.

·        Surround yourself with positive people: Meet up with loved ones; who love you, who are concerned about your well-being. They will keep you engaged with positive thoughts, and will take you from thoughts about the loss. Also try to spend much time with them, and if possible no time in solitude. While being with good people, ensure you stay away from those who are not supportive because they may down your spirit with negativities associated with your current predicament.

·        Maintain your social life: Maintaining your space is good, but do not cut people out of your life, hang out with friends, be ready to interact with people. This would help you avoid engaging in deep thoughts of all that could have gone right and how much you invested in the relationship which could lead to self-pity, and sadness.

·        Develop self-love: Seek to prioritize your happiness, and general well-being. Doing what is best for you without trampling on others is a great way of loving yourself. Do not put yourself last, always focus more on yourself above all else. This will enhance your recovery process, and ensure that you move on faster.

·        Go on an adventure: Step out of your comfort zone, explore new horizons, take risks, go somewhere new, do entirely new things. This will pave way for new things, and a greater development of yourself.

·        Visit the gym often: One of the easiest ways to get something off your chest is the gym. Get your body in shape, as this period is an opportunity to focus on your general advancement, and your physical appearance, hence, visit the gym a lot more often, as it will keep your spirit flying high from the release of endorphins during workouts. Being single gives you time to yourself, so why not turn all that sorrow into mental strength and come out with a banging body.

·        Clear out the music you listen to: In past relationship, certain melodies create memories with your now defunct significant other, it Is therefore advised that you clear out your playlists, and get new jams that will lift your spirit through these rough times of recovery. Being single affords you the opportunity to love yourself, meet new people, grow friendship, save money, etc.


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